Field guide

IBSL instructor Brian Wisenden’s animal behavior course at Itasca gives students a deeper perspective on field research.

What's to love about winter?

Station Biologist Dan Brumm offers a handful of reasons researchers and students brave the cold and head north.

Bluebird friends

Research on bluebirds and their parasites at Itasca inspires a scientific collaboration across the birds' range.

The Summer of ’65

An Itasca love story — part 1 and 2.

First person from the field

Graduate student Talia Michaud shares impressions of a summer working up north.

Meet Itasca's new station biologist

Dan Brumm joined the staff this winter. Living at the station full-time, he supports research and leads a handful of projects.

Excited about Itasca

Students bring an appreciation of the field station and field biology back home by forming the Itasca Booster Club.

2023 Itasca student research scholarship and fellowships available

Applications are open for three awards that support student researchers doing projects at Itasca Biological Station.

Soil horizon swings

Researchers dig into what earthworms wiggling into previously worm-less areas around Itasca and northern Minnesota means for soils.

First fieldwork foray

For the third summer in a row, a White Earth area senior is awarded a field work internship.