Testing the waters

College of Biological Science researchers are developing new approaches that promise to reduce industrial pollution and contamination in our water systems.

A good statistical model

An award-winning instructor guides undergraduates in seeing the world through a biostatistical lens.


Scientists thought they’d identified all major players of a critical metabolic pathway. New research shows evidence of more.

2024 Pratt Lecture Series

Hear from Dr. David Jackson of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

A nitrogen fixation moonshot

A new NASA-funded project will yield basic insights with implications for growing plants on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

In search of new insights into nitrogenase

Kathryn Fixen received a five-year NSF CAREER Award to investigate how to get an enzyme that catalyzes nitrogen fixation to work on plants.

Wick recognized for STEM education innovation

Longtime faculty member receives national award for her work developing a mentor network to promote evidence-based teaching.

The dark side of colored nectars

Evin Magner analyzes the black nectar of Melianthus minor.

The Power(s) of place

Professor Jennifer Powers reflects on her decades-long connection to Costa Rica.

Around the world in 90(ish) days opening

View creative renderings from Jennifer Powers' three-continent Fulbright foray.