BioLine Podcast | Meet Professor Elizabeth Borer

Professor Elizabeth Borer is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Hear more about the early days of the global research experiments and learn about some unusual tools she’s used to do her work.
June 23, 2022


U of M College of Biological Sciences · Get to know Elizabeth Borer

About the host 

Claire Wilson works on the CBS communications team. She crafts stories to highlight the work of CBS faculty, researchers and students. In addition, she’s passionate about helping students and researchers hone their science communication skills. She worked closely with the fellows and podcasting consultants to help produce the series.  

About the series

BioLine recently branched out to a new medium: audio. This new series about global change biology highlights research led by Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Professors Elizabeth Borer and Eric Seabloom.

The research encompasses the many ways that humans are changing the planet and how that impacts other processes. Borer and Seabloom co-lead Nutrient Network and DRAGNet, two global experiments. The way these experiments are designed—with plots around the globe—changed the field for the better. Learn more about how these experiments got started and get to know researchers working in the field. Catch all the episodes in the series.

Thanks to a mini-grant from the Institute on the Environment for funding the project, professional consultants (Britta Greene and Todd Melby), and three graduate students who agreed to serve as Science Communication Fellows in the spring of 2022. Michael Winikoff also contributed to the project. CBS communications staff Claire Wilson and Stephanie Xenos mentored the fellows.