Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

November 12, 2018

Beinecke Scholarships award $34,000 toward graduate education in the Arts, Humanities, and some Social Sciences to students with superior intellectual ability and scholastic achievement.  Applicants must graduate between December 2019 and August 2020 and have a record of receiving need-based aid.  The University can nominate one student.  Campus applications are due January 18, 2019.

Udall Scholarships awards $7000 toward the following year of undergraduate education to sophomores or juniors who are either Native Americans who plan careers in tribal policy or health care or students of any background who will work to find solutions to environmental challenges.  Both should have a strong academic record and substantial involvement in public service and leadership.  The University can nominate up to four students in each category.  Campus applications are due January 25, 2019.

Boren Scholarships award $8000-$20,000 for study abroad in less commonly visited countries to students who will do language-intensive programs, especially in languages that are critical to U.S. security.  The amount of the award depends on the length of the proposed program.  Recipients must agree to spend a year working in a federal job related to security (broadly defined), and applicants who are planning careers with the federal government are favored.  Students applying by January 7, 2019 will benefit from a campus interview and evaluation.  The national deadline for applications if February 7,2019.  Awards for graduate students are also available.

Hollings Scholarships award up to $9500 a year for a student’s junior and senior year and a paid internship with NOAA for the summer between.  Applicants must be sophomores with declared majors related to the goals of NOAA, including but not limited to oceanic, environmental, biological, and atmospheric sciences, mathematics, engineering, remote sensing technology, physical and social sciences including geography, physics, or teacher education. Competitive applicants will have experience in research, community involvement, public policy, or other activities that demonstrate a commitment to continuing engagement with NOAA’s mission.  The national deadline in January 30, 2019. 

Astronaut Scholarships award up to $10,000 to outstanding sophomores or juniors in STEM majors for the following year of undergraduate education.  Successful applicants will have very strong academic records, substantial experience and indication of future success in research, and involvement in promoting science through campus and community involvement.  The University can nominate up to four students.  The campus deadline for applications is February 4, 2019.

All of these scholarships are limited to U.S. citizens.  For advice and support on these scholarships, contact The Office for National and International Scholarships.