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CBS BioLine

CBS BioLine is a graduate student-led blog and quarterly email newsletter centered on sharing recent research findings and stories across the College. The aims of the initiative are three-fold: 

  1.  Provide students practice communicating their work to new audiences,

  2.  Increase communication across programs, and

  3. Celebrate the work of student researchers.

The success of CBS BioLine relies on contributions from the CBS community. Learn more about its origin story and the nuts and bolts of submitting.

Recent BioLine Entries

300 days without water - how tropical trees can survive drought

trees without leaves in background and trees with leaves in foreground
Photo credit: Dr. Jennifer S. Powers

Imagine that you are walking in a tropical forest in Costa Rica where most trees look like the ones in Minnesota during the winter -- leafless. You might be wondering how this can be possible. What can be causing these trees to lose their leaves?