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Abdi Warfa

Assistant Professor


Warfa Research Group | Curriculum Vitae

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2013
Ph.D. Candidacy, University of Washington, Seattle, 2008
M.S, University of Washington, Seattle, 2006
B.Sc., University of California San Diego, 2000


Research Statement

My research group conducts interdisciplinary research that blends aspects of biology, educational theory, cognitive science, and educational research methodologies to improve the teaching and learning of biological sciences at the undergraduate level. We particularly focus on developing evidence-based teaching strategies and curricular materials that can enhance student learning of biology and biochemistry.


Warfa, A. (2016). Mixed Methods Research in Biology Education: Approach and Uses. CBE Life Science Educ., Dec 1, volume 15 (4).

Warfa, A. & Odowa, N (2015). Creative Exercises in the Biochemistry Domain – Analysis of Students’ linking of chemical and biochemical concepts. Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 16 (4), 747-757.

Warfa, A. (2015). Using Cooperative Learning to Teach Chemistry: A Meta-Analytic Review. J. Chem. Educ., 93 (2), pp 248–255

Warfa, A., Roehrig, G., Schneider, J., & Nyachwaya, J. (2014). The Role of Teacher-Initiated Discourses in Students’ Development of Representational Fluency in Chemistry. J. Chem. Educ., 91 (6), pp 784–792.

Warfa, A., Roehrig, G., Schneider, J., & Nyachwaya, J. (2014). Collaborative Discourse and the Modeling of Solution Chemistry with 3D physical models – Impact and Characterization. Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 15, 835-848.

Nyachwaya, J. M., Warfa, A., Roehrig, G. H., and Schneider, J. L. (2014). College chemistry students’ use of memorized algorithms in chemical reactions. Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 15, 81-93.

Nyachwaya, J. M., Warfa, A., Roehrig, G. H., Wood, N. B., Kern, A. L., and Schneider, J. L. (2011). The Development of an Open-ended Drawing Tool: An Alternative Diagnostic Tool for Assessing Students’ Understanding of the Particulate Nature of Matter. Chem. Educ. Res. Pract., 12, 121-132



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