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Christine Hazuka

Marketing + Communications Coordinator


I graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and French and a minor in Political Science. 

Life before CBS…
After college, I spent two years teaching abroad – one year in Zhuhai, China and another year in Nantes, France. After moving back home to Minnesota, I worked at different nonprofit organizations focused on economic justice doing outreach, communications, and marketing before ultimately finding my way to the University of Minnesota. 

Adjusting to college life...
My advice is to take advantage of the free events, programs, resources, and opportunities! With a huge network like at UMN, there are always so many different things going on. I know in my experience, I never regretted trying something new as it was always an opportunity to connect with others. 

Favorite part of the job?
Sporting the Maroon and Gold and representing the University of MN branding! I love playing around with our brand and creating exciting communication materials that highlight the resources available in the Student Services office. 

Current passions, hobbies, things that give you joy?
It brings me so much joy to connect others to fun experiences. Looking for the next restaurant, brewery, day trip, recipe, or local event to hit up? Don’t hesitate to ask! I also love to travel and have lived abroad in three different countries (China, New Zealand, and two separate occasions in France)! You can always catch me dreaming about and planning my next trip. 

Be on the lookout for...
My yummy lunches. I enjoy cooking and baking and am known for unintentionally making others envious of my delicious homemade meals.



3-104 MCB Building
420 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455