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Clarence L. Lehman

Professor, Special Advisor to the Dean


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Graduate Faculty Memberships

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior; Conservation Biology.

Research Interests

Theoretical ecology and computation in biology; biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; habitat restoration.


During summers, I spend much of my time at the Cedar Creek Natural History Area, helping manage all the bustling research and other human activity that goes on there. The beginning of the twenty-first century is crucial for future planning, to keep the diverse natural habitats of Cedar Creek wild in the midst of an emerging suburban landscape. There are exciting opportunities at Cedar Creek to participate in harmonious co-planning with local communities and governments.

During winters, I turn to theoretical ecology -- effects of biodiversity on stability and other ecosystem properties, simplified models of ecosystem operation, ecology's interface with evolutionary theory. More generally, I am fascinated by computer applications to biology where computation is not only the tool, but the very paradigm for understanding the biological system. This includes application of artificial neural networks to problems of animal behavior, application of computer state-space searching concepts to evolution in complex fitness landscapes, and other interesting things.

I also conduct several well-replicated field experiments that are part of an adaptive management strategy for my own native prairie and savanna restorations.

Selected Publications

Lehman, C. L. (2001). The concept of stability. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, S. Levin, ed. in chief. Academic Press, San Diego. Vol. 5, pp. 467-479.

Lehman, C. L. and D. Tilman (2000). Biodiversity, stability, and productivity in competitive communities. The American Naturalist, 156:534-532.

Tilman, D., C. L. Lehman, and C. E. Bristow (1998). Diversity-stability relationships: Statistical inevitability or ecological consequence? The American Naturalist 151:277-282.

Lehman, C. L., and D. Tilman (1997). Competition in spatial habitats. In Spatial Ecology: The Role of Space in Population Dynamics and Interspecific Interactions, Tilman, D. and P. Kareiva, eds. Princeton Monographs in Population Biology 30, Princeton University Press.

Tilman, D., R. M. May, C. L. Lehman, and M. A. Nowak (1994). Habitat destruction and the extinction debt. Nature 371:65-66.

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