CBS Public Policy Internship Scholarship

The CBS Public Policy Internship Scholarship provides assistance to undergraduate students participating in an unpaid or low-paid internship in public policy. The up to $5,000 scholarship will be publicly awarded to a CBS undergraduate student engaged in a public policy internship. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Below are some examples of public policy internships and tasks: 

  • Consulting firms advocating on behalf of non-profit organizations or universities.
  • Researching science, health, or related public policy.
  • Writing public communications and outreach surrounding policy or policy education.
  • Attending congressional hearings or preparing briefings for hearings.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must: 

  • Be an already-enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate student in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota.
  • Be already engaging in an internship or have been accepted into an internship position that meets the following conditions:
    • You are completing or will complete a minimum of 150 hours of work at the internship site.
    • You have been assigned a supervisor at your internship site who will verify your work hours and ensure that you have a good experience.
    • Your work as an intern is related to public policy.

Please note, receiving a scholarship will affect your financial aid and may affect the total amount of direct funding you receive. Scholarship funds are disbursed through University student accounts. If there are any outstanding charges (tuition, fees, room & board, etc.) on the account, the scholarship will first be applied to said balance. Any remaining credit balance refund will be issued to you via direct deposit or check for the remaining amount of the scholarship. For more information, please visit

Apply for the CBS Public Policy Internship Scholarship.