Chong wears a light blue polo and has short, black hair.
Office Address

420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States



Academic Advisor
Student Services


BA History and minored in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota - Duluth

Life before CBS…
Before coming to CBS, I was in a variety of positions within education, but have always enjoyed working with students in higher education. I spent eight years at Inver Hills Community College as an academic advisor supporting students as they achieved their goals. 

Adjusting to college life…
I was fortunate enough to have a good group of friends who would drag each other across the finish line. It is important for college students to find and create a support group (friends, advisors, faculty) that they can turn to. These people are going to be the ones who can be relied upon to help overcome the many challenges students will face in college and beyond. 

Favorite part of the job?
Celebrating the success of each student. Oftentimes, it is the little successes that keep us going as we strive to achieve our ultimate goal. I will acknowledge and celebrate all the accomplishments of each student no matter how small or big it is. 

Current passions, hobbies, things that give you joy?
My current passion and joy right now is watching my children’s development through club soccer. It is a joy to observe how each child deals with adversity, pressure, leadership, teamwork, and success. As an advisor, I’m always thinking about how I can help each child become the best version of themselves. 

Be on the lookout for…
Things related to my family. My life revolves around them right now so don’t be surprised if you see things around me related to them.