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1445 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States



Plant and Microbial Biology

My lab's research examines the evolution and ecology of species' geographic ranges, including both native and invasive species. We're also examining the process of speciation in plants, especially the role of floral and mating system divergence. 

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Selected publications

Gorton, A.J., J.W. Benning, P. Tiffin, & D.A. Moeller. 2022. The spatial scale of adaptation in a native annual plant and its implications for responses to climate change. Evolution, doi.org/10.1111/evo.14583.

Lake, T.A. Lake, R.D. Briscoe Runquist, & D.A. Moeller. 2022. Deep learning detects invasive plant species across complex landscapes using Worldview-2 and Planetscope satellite imagery. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, doi.org/10.1002/rse2.288.

Benning, J.W., & D.A. Moeller. 2021. Microbes, mutualism, and range margins: testing the fitness consequences of soil microbial communities across and beyond a native plant’s range. New Phytologist 229:2886-2900.

Briscoe Runquist, R.D., T.A. Lake, & D.A. Moeller. 2021. Improving predictions of range expansion for invasive species using joint species distribution models and surrogate co-occurring species. Journal of Biogeography 48:1693-1705.

Briscoe Runquist R.D., A.J. Gorton*, J.B. Yoder, N.J. Deacon, J.J. Grossman, S. Kothari, M.P. Lyons, S.N. Sheth, P. Tiffin, & D.A. Moeller. 2020. Context dependence of local adaptation to abiotic and biotic environments: a quantitative and qualitative synthesis. American Naturalist 195:412-431.

Benning, J.W.*, M.A. Geber, V.M. Eckhart, & D.A. Moeller. 2019. Biotic interactions contribute to the geographic range of an annual plant: herbivory and phenology mediate fitness beyond a range margin. American Naturalist 193:786-797.

Moeller, D.A., R.D. Briscoe Runquist, A.M. Moe, M.A. Geber, C. Goodwillie, P.-O. Cheptou, C.G. Eckert, E. Elle, M.O. Johnston, S. Kalisz, R.H. Ree, R.D. Sargent, M. Vallejo-Marin, & A.A. Winn. 2017. Global biogeography of mating system variation in seed plants. Ecology Letters 20:375-384.

Pettengill, J.B., & D.A. Moeller. 2012. Tempo and mode of mating system evolution between incipient Clarkia species. Evolution 66:1210-1225.

Moeller, D.A., M.A. Geber, V.M. Eckhart, & P. Tiffin. 2012. Reduced
pollinator service and elevated pollen limitation at the geographic range limit of an annual plant. Ecology 93:1036-1048.


Ph.D., Cornell University, 2003