Donald B.


Emeritus faculty
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

Research statement

My research has centered on the population dynamics of large mammals. I have considered the population characteristics of three species of Antarctic seals, concentrating on a long-term program on Weddell seals with shorter term studies on the crabeater and leopard seals of the Antarctic. I have also studied sea otters in Alaska and California since 1975.

I was involved, before my retirement, with several scientific committees involving national programs and problems. These included: Convenor for the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Group of Specialists on Seals; U.S. Representative, SCAR Working Group on Biology, member California Sea Otter Recovery Team for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and member recovery team for Northern Sea Lion for National Marine Fisheries Service. Since retirement I do serve on the Monk Seal recovery team for the NMFS, and do a small amount of consulting.

Selected publications

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