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420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
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Associate Professor
Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

Our lab uses genomics, genome engineering, and synthetic biology to study how natural genetic variation shapes gene expression and complex traits.

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Research statement

We study how genomic variation influences gene expression and complex traits. Individual genomes differ from each other at thousands to millions of sites. Many of these differences have no effect, while others can dramatically influence the way the organism looks, how it behaves, or which diseases it is susceptible to. How can we tell which DNA differences have phenotypic consequences? How exactly do these polymorphisms exert their effects? And how did this genomic diversity evolve? We are examining these questions by combining experimental functional genomics and computational statistical genetics. A particular focus is on emerging technologies for high-throughput reading, editing, and synthesizing of genomes, which now allow us to systematically answer questions at the core of genetics. We deploy these tools in yeast and other species to learn fundamental principles of how genetic variation shapes phenotypes across eukaryotic life.

Selected publications

MA Collins, G Mekonnen, Albert FW (2022) Variation in ubiquitin system genes creates substrate-specific effects on proteasomal protein degradation. eLife 11, e79570

Brion C, Lutz SM, Albert FW (2020) Simultaneous quantification of mRNA and protein in single cells reveals post-transcriptional effects of genetic variation. eLife 9, e60645

Renganaath K, Cheung R, Day L, Kosuri S, Kruglyak L, Albert FW (2020) Systematic identification of cis-regulatory variants that cause gene expression differences in a yeast cross. eLife 9, e62669

Lutz S, Brion C, Kliebhan M, and Albert FW (2019) DNA variants affecting the expression of numerous genes in trans have diverse mechanisms of action and evolutionary histories. PLoS genetics 15 (11), e1008375