Office Address

420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States



Academic Advisor
Student Services


Bachelor of Science in Event Management with a Hospitality Management minor from Iowa State University (2019)

Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs from Iowa State University (2022)

Life before CBS…
Before joining the team in CBS, I was a graduate assistant to a scholarship program at Iowa State serving low-income students from Iowa in their transition to college life. This position gave me the opportunity to gain skills and experience in teaching, advising students, and developing engaged student leaders to impact their communities while I was learning in a classroom setting myself. 

Adjusting to college life...
In all honesty, I took a while to adjust to college as a fairly independent introvert. My second year, I started a job as a community advisor (maybe you know them as an RA) and quickly became family with my staff who are still near and dear to me today. I don’t think I had a semester of college without a part-time job or internship and made a lot of connections to my college town community through events and ministry involvement. I was a student leader and worship leader at my college ministry and loved getting to know people through my jobs and involvement. 

Favorite part of the job?
Experiencing students’ growth throughout our time together! I love hearing stories of how they have changed their mind, what opportunities they are pursuing and being able to help them through challenging seasons.

Current passions, hobbies, things that give you joy?
I am super passionate about lavender lattes, competitive volleyball (I used to be a libero and play any chance I get), and music! Some of my favorite things include riding my bike, walking around the lakes, soaking up the sunshine, reading mysteries, Quinn XCII, AJR, keeping up with long distance friends, trivia that I can’t answer, and an occasional jog.

Be on the lookout for
How many beverages I have with me at any given moment