Pheng wears glasses and a black t-shirt and has black hair combed to one side.
Office Address

420 Washington Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States



Academic Advisor
Student Services


Bachelor of Science: Psychology and Ethnic Studies (2019) in Mankato
Master of Science: Counseling and Student Personnel, College Student Affairs (2022) in Mankato

Life before CBS…
Before CBS, I was a graduate assistant at Mankato for Asian American affairs and also a career intern for the Career Development Center. I was much involved within the campus community collaborating with diversity departments, LGBT center, and Women’s center. 

Adjusting to college life..
The transition to college was exciting. I was finally able to be independent! My adjustment to college life was a rollercoaster of confusion. I was punctual in getting my work done while still occasionally feeling behind. I had a rough start to my first year in college, but I let things flow and happen. Slowly, I was able to adapt to college life better. I’ve been able to meet new people, explore campus, and enjoy various campus activities. These experiences made my college life better!

Favorite part of the job?
Student stories. I’m a rather curious person so, it’s possible that I would ask many questions along the way as I meet with students. Something about having students explain their academic journey helps me understand them more and their academic pathway. I believe students explaining their story also helps build their confidence in their academic path.

Current passions, hobbies, things that give you joy?
Currently, I enjoy digital drawing and also want to get into Blender (3D software). I also like to do fitness activities such as strength training and powerlifting. On days where I want to relax, video games and board games are my go-to activities.

Be on the lookout for
How many layers I wear for winter. I want to stay WARM.