Tian Y.


Emeritus faculty
Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Research interests:
Protein folding; electroconformational coupling.

Selected publications

Tsong TY (1990).  Electroporation of cell membranes. Biophys. J. 60:297-306.

 A review.  It has been cited 220 times.

Liu DS, Astumian RD, Tsong TY (1990).  Activation of Na+ and K+ pumping modes of (Na,K)-ATPase by an oscillating electric field. J. Biol. Chem. 265:7260-7267.

It has been cited 92 times, mostly by the Brownian ratchet community.

Xie TD, Marszalek P, Chen Y-D, Tsong TY (1994).  Recognition and processing of randomly fluctuating electric signals by Na,K-ATPase. Biophys. J. 67:1247-1251; 

Xie TD, Chen Y-D, Marszalek P, Tsong TY (1997).  Fluctuation-driven directional flow in biochemical cycle: Further study of electric activation of Na,K pumps. Biophys. J. 72:2496-2502.

These two papers have formed the basis of my further work in the area of enzyme machines, the Catalytic Wheel.