CBS-RLT Provided Support and OIT/CDS Provided Support
With the changes going on with how IT services are delivered, who to contact can sometimes be unclear.

Technology offerings are provided by two entities: Research & Learning Technologies and OIT Computer and Device Support.  These groups provide discrete services that fulfill all the technology needs of CBS.  Below is a breakdown of what each offers.  If you are unsure of with whom to speak, contact Research & Learning Technologies.

Research & Learning Technologies

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CBS Research & Learning Technologies (CBS-RLT) is a technology group with CBS.  Its role is to provide technology services that are specific to the missions of the College and fill the gaps where no other technology organization provides a technology need.

End User Support Service

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The Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) Computer and Device Support provides IT services that are being duplicated by other units around the University.  These services include what is traditionally thought of as IT (e.g. email support, desktop computer purchasing).