Technology Project Examples

We are here to take on a wide variety of technology-based projects. Below are examples of where we can help.

Feel free to contact us if you have an idea or questions about how we can help.

Our office (walk in): 223 Snyder Hall
Phone: 1-RLT1 (1-7581)

Learning Technology Projects

Enhance Simulation Software
Add functionality to microscopy simulation software to simulate curved mirror refraction.

Discount Poster Printing
Reduce cost of poster printing for CBS by collaborating with the University Imaging Center.

Add Classroom Laptop Cart
Added laptops and cart to BioSci 6 to reduce the number of rooms needed for a CBS course.

Create Interactive Course Map
Improve continuity of multiple discrete components of a CBS course with Tiki-Toki 3D timelines.

Offset Student Printing Costs
Reduce student printing costs by adding a printing credit to all CBS student UCards for the BioCommons printer.

Research Technology Projects                     

Sensing Bird Impacts
Detect the frequency of bird striking windows with varying coatings with an Arduino-based sensor network.

Optimizing Lab Operations
Implement a Lab Information Management System (LIMS) for tracking logisticts and workflows in a research lab.

Cleanup Lab Image Data
Script procedures to organize and identify unusable images collected by remote field cameras.