Resources for students

Time Sheets

Time sheets are due by noon on Mondays for the previous week. 

  • I-9

    If you are a new employee at the university, on or within three days of your first day of work, you must fill out section one of the electronic I-9 worksheet found online. On the I-9 Express welcome page, enter 13636 in the "Employer Name or Code" field. The location you should use is College of Biological Sciences. You will need to bring your documents on your first day of work in order to be entered into the system and approved for payroll.

    Fill out your I-9

Student Employment

Employee self-service

Use the Employee Self-Service website to set up direct deposit and to complete your W-4. When setting up your W-4, as a student employee, you are exempt from paying FICA (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) during periods of enrollment. If you continue in your position during the winter break or over the summer, and are not enrolled in classes, FICA charges will be deducted from your bi-weekly paycheck.