SPAC staff


Keara Carpenter headshot

Keara Carpenter, Principal Office and Administrative Specialist

612-626-9853 I

Please contact Keara for help with:
U Market ordering; seminar travel, lodging, and receptions; package shipments and mail; room reservations; personnel updates; miscellaneous inquiries.


Sara Eliason

Sara Eliason, PMB Graduate Program Coordinator

612-625-4222 |

Please contact Sara for help with:
PMB graduate program management: support and advising for students and faculty, admissions and recruitment, funding and budget; arrange Hamm lecture events, PMB annual retreat and new student orientation; maintain PMB courses, provide permission numbers, coordinate TAs, order books and distribute student evaluation surveys.


Neal Jahren headshot


Neal Jahren, EEB Graduate Program Coordinator

Please contact Neal for help with:
EEB grad program management; TA and RA appointments; EEB grad program admissions; EEB course scheduling


Michael Ouverson, Finance

612-624-3347 |

Please contact Michael for help with:
Departmental purchasing, employee reimbursements and general accounting requests for BTI, EEB and PMB.


Ruth Weleczki

Ruth Weleczki, Project Specialist

612-624-1449 |

Please contact Ruth for help with:
Coordinating faculty annual review and P&T processes; coordinating and managing faculty searches; and providing and overseeing web and print communication.


Ann Yetter

Annie Yetter, Facilities and Special Events

612-625-8083 |

Please contact Annie for help with:
Facilities questions for PMB, BTI and EEB, UCard and key requests, building emergencies, autoclave issues, space use updates and coordinating special events