Past recipients of the Moos Graduate Research Fellowship in Aquatic Biology

Announcing: In 2015 the Moos Graduate Research Fellowships in Aquatic Biology will be open to applicants from both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses.


Andrew McCabe, Environmental Engineering, "Exploring seasonal dynamics between dissolved organic matter quality and herbicide phototransformation in natural and reconstructed wetlands"

Grace Loppnow, Conservation Biology, "Induced nest failure as a mechanism for controlling invasive bass"


Anika Bratt, Ecology Evolution and Behavior, "How do abiotic and biotic factors shape aquatic nutrient limitation?"

David Tan, Civil Engineering, "Impact of Organic Carbon on the  Degradation of Estrone, a Critical Aquatic Micropollutant"


Robert Dietz, Water Resources Science, "Long-term effects of agricultural land use on sediment accumulation, nutrient pollution, and carbon burial in small lakes of the upper Mississippi basin"

Seth Thompson, Water Resources Science, "The Role of Terrestrial Carbon Inputs in Whole Lake Carbon Cycling"