LMS (Moodle) Support


Moodle can be customized for many unique instructional situations.  As a result, Moodle can also be complex to use.  Instructors can seek assistance when using Moodle in new, complex, or unusual ways.  These include troubleshooting complex problems, revising sites to increase usability and accessibility, building new course or event sites, creating new activities, and setting up complex or large sites for new semesters.


  • Troubleshooting - Moodle’s flexibility creates a user interface with many settings placed in menus, topics, and checkboxes.  If you or your students see that Moodle is not doing what you expect, let our experience find the elusive settings for you so you can focus on teaching.  We also work with Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) to resolve program bugs and develop new functionality as needed.
  • Build New Activities or Sites - The initial build of a Moodle site can be time consuming, and it takes experience to know the best ways to organize sites to make them useful and intuitive for users.  Consult with us to develop your organization and layout, then we can create the site while you focus on gathering the content and creating assessments.
  • Revising Sites - Instructors begin using Moodle as a place to drop resources for students, but much more effective ways to present content, assess student learning, and encourage interaction are available.  Consult with us to explore ways to make your site more usable to students and more efficient for you.
  • Setting up Courses for New Semesters - Large courses create additional setup work to manage attendance, assignments, and settings inside Moodle.  Other courses may contain complexity that is also difficult to reset for a new semester.  Pass this set up to us so you can focus on preparing yourself and the content for the first day of class.

Getting Started

Email cbs-rlt@umn.edu with your questions or to request a consultation.  You are also welcome to directly contact a CBS-RLT Academic Technologist that you have worked with on your course.


  • Does not including writing new code or developing functionality for Moodle.
  • Does not include support for Learning Management Systems not supported by OIT.
  • Instructors are responsible for all content, assessment, and resolution of any student grade issues.
  • Instructors are responsible for the accuracy of student grades and the Moodle gradebook.


This service is available to any CBS faculty or staff at no cost.

Lead Time

Please contact us as soon as possible for troubleshooting.  

For all other work, please contact us at least one semester before the course begins.  Time to complete the work will depend on its complexity and scope as well as other requests in progress.  

Shorter notice may still be possible depending on other requests in progress.


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