College committees and department leadership

Education Policy Committee

The CBS Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is a constitutionally authorized committee whose general charge is to oversee the educational endeavors of the College and acts advisory to the Dean.

The Committee is a resource for steering the College in its curricular activities.  With this in mind, the Committee’s time should be spent on forward-looking, proactive planning as well as providing course and program approvals from departments. It is expected that the EPC’s analysis, reviews, and discussions of educational issues will lead to proactive recommendations from EPC to bring about positive change both at the College and University level.  Learn more about EPC.

Scholastics Committee

The Scholastics Committee reviews and acts on all petitions submitted by CBS undergraduates for exceptions to published college and departmental academic requirements. Examples include withdrawal or adding classes after the deadline, substitution of requirements, reduced credit load, etc.

Scholarship Committee

The CBS Scholarship Committee review application materials for continuing undergraduates who apply for scholarships. Based on criteria specified by donors, the Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to worth applicants. The committee is comprised of a faculty member from each of the seven majors in the college in addition to a Dean's office representative. Scholarships are awarded each spring semester for the upcoming academic year.

CBS Recognition and Awards Committee

The Recognition and Awards Committee solicits nominations for college and university-wide teaching, advising and service awards. Committee members determine which initial nominations should be further developed for final award consideration. This committee is comprised of representatives from each of the majors of the college.

UROP Committee

The CBS UROP committee reviews application materials twice each year for UROP awards. The committee is comprised of faculty members from each of the seven undergraduate majors. Learn more about UROP.

Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS)