GCD Commonly Used Job Codes

GCD HR staff must be contacted before any employment offers are made. In some circumstances i.e. international employees, current University employees, etc., additional information may apply. Salary should be determined by considering education, experience, and departmental equity.

 Job CodeUnitOvertime EligibleAnnual Salary RangeFrige RateTimesheets RequiredTypical Tasks & Qualifications
Bargaining Unit (BU)
Jr. Lab Technician4944BU


29,245 - 30,72241.3%nosee link
Sr. Lab Technician4945BUyes29,245 - 40,10241.3%nosee link
Principal Lab Technician4946BUyes31,366 - 52,31241.3%nosee link
ALL BU positions must follow salary steps provided by the Bargaining Unit
Civil Service (CS)

Jr. Scientist

8350CSyes29,702 - 49,60841.3%nosee link
Assistant Scientist8351CSyes35,277 - 61,04841.3%nosee link
Scientist8352CSno40,602 - 72,13441.3%nosee link
Sr. Scientist8353CSno50,253 - 89,25341.3%nosee link
Temp & Casual*0001CSnoarranged9.5%yessee link
*Limited to 67 work days or 14 or less hours per week
Academic (A)
Post-Doctoral Associates*9546Anosee HR rep.23.2%nosee link
Research Associates9702Anosee HR rep.36%nosee link
* limited to 3 years in this job class at U of M
Undergraduate Students (S)
Science/Engineering-I2741Syesat least 7.25/hr0%yessee link
Science/Engineering-II2742Syesat least 7.25/hr0%yessee link
Graduate Students
Research Assistant*9521Anoprogram sets**~84%nosee link
Summer Research Assistant*9572Anoprogram sets**18.49%nosee link
PhD Candidate - RA9529Anoprogram sets**~30%nosee link

* job code 9521 is used during the academic year, job code 9572 is used during the summer, and job code 9529 is used after students complete 24 thesis credits.

**MCDB&G program currently pays $24.04/hr ($25,000/year)

Human Resources:
Bev Retzlaff
Phone: 612-625-4440
Email: retzl001@umn.edu

Laurie O'Neill
Phone: 612-625-8471
Email: oneil032@umn.edu