An T. Le

Where did you transfer from?

Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, WA

Why did you want to come to the University of Minnesota?

The University has many educational, professional, and research opportunities that I wanted to take advantage of. I also like the Twin Cities area because it offers a wide range of activities.

What did you research?

We were researching lung fibrosis. More specifically, we investigated changes in lung matrix protein content as the lungs age. We used decellularized lung tissue from mice as model to study the effects of aging on lung matrix proteins. This research will help us to better understand lung fibrosis and maybe help treat it.

What did you get out of this experience?

I learned about what it was like to work on a research projects in the laboratory environment and got a chance to see what researchers do everyday. I also learned many new laboratory techniques that I would not have had a chance to learn in my classes.

What are you interested in outside of school?

I love to play music and listen to music. I also enjoy running, reading, and hanging out with my friends.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to apply to a biochemistry program in graduate school with a concentration in pharmacology.

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