Taking flight

I'm interested in lots of things and am not yet sure what I want to do with my life? Given all the possible majors, why did you choose to pursue an Ecology, Evolution and Behavior major?

I chose the ecology, evolution and behavior major because of my interest in evolutionary biology. What I found once further into the major was that it had endless possibilities for directing my career goals and opportunities for work in the scientific field. 

I keep hearing about the importance of students doing research. Did you find it worth doing?

Absolutely! Participating in directed research at the U of M has allowed me to incorporate the things I learned in class to direct application in the lab and use problem solving and critical thinking skills every day.  Doing directed research and working with a faculty member has been one of my most rewarding and valuable experiences in my undergraduate career.

If I decide to do research, how difficult is it to get involved in a project and what do you actually get to do?

Getting involved is relatively easy if you have an idea of what you want to do or an area that you want to work in.  Once you become involved in a project, the work you will do can change almost daily. For me that means rearing butterflies, working with specimens under scopes and work in the field.

I understand that the department has professors who are leaders in their fields. But as a college student, would I actually get to interact with them?

Again, absolutely!  Not only do you get to interact with professors one-on-one, but you’re also talking to people who very possibly authored the textbooks you’re using.

Once you graduate with an Ecology, Evolution and Behavior major, what are you going to do with your degree?

After graduation, I want to continue with graduate school, studying with an emphasis on research in genetic work and bioinformatics relating to medical applications.  If possible, I would also love to continue my undergraduate research with butterfly species because of the fascination I have developed and also the potential they possess for future research.