Directed Research Contract Instructions for Faculty

Completing the Directed Research contract accurately is critical to ensuring student work is approved and sent to the appropriate reviewers. We created this page to provide some clarity around some of the steps when completing the contract.

In particular, make sure you only select “Additional Expectations” that are reasonable to expect for the student based on the number of credits of Directed Research they are registering for (e.g. 3 credits may be more intensive and expect more outcomes like a summary paper and a presentation than 1 or 2 credits). Additionally, make sure the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) listed is for the for the student’s major which should match the designator they are registering under (e.g. BIOL, BIOC, etc.) regardless of your department or affiliations. The DUGS is the academic approver for the student.

As you work through the contract, here are a few key things to note:

Writing Intensive option: If your student is taking the writing intensive option, make sure to fill out that section of the form and include a clear plan of writing instruction including drafts, feedback, and revisions across the semester.

Direct Supervisor: If the student will be supervised by a grad student, postdoc or other researcher in your group, click “No” and enter that person’s x500 here.

Image of direct supervisor area of contract

Expectations: Number and intensity of expectations should align with number of credits the students is registering for under “other”.

List of expectations for directed research

Director of Undergraduate Studies information: Enter the x500 for the DUGS for the student’s major. Students should leave a comment in their contract submission providing this x500. Otherwise, you can find it at or return the contract to the student and request they add that information.

DUGS information for directed research contract.

Decision on contract: If student’s Course Subject matches their major, and they have provided you with their DUGS x500 for you to enter, it’s ready to approve (which sends it to the DUGS as academic approver).

Decision making for directed research contract