Well, well, wetlands

Amy Kendig gleans insight about Minnesota’s abundant wetland ecosystems in the pristine habitats of Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve.

Metformin: a medical mystery

The discovery of a bacteria at a wastewater treatment plant ignited an investigative journey into the clinical mechanisms of a pharmaceutical used to treat diabetes.


Scientists thought they’d identified all major players of a critical metabolic pathway. New research shows evidence of more.

Think fast!

With only a few hours to complete their task, students put their creativity and critical thinking skills to the test developing biology-based solutions during the CBS Case Study Competition.

Looking to the future

The investigation of a protein linked to a worse cancer prognosis could pave a way forward for improved cancer treatments.

Research brief: Innovative detection system differentiates oak wilt and drought

University of Minnesota researchers develop a new way to detect oak wilt early and accurately.

Deer in the lyme-light

Research led by Meggan Craft employs helicopters to investigate the spread of disease in Minnesota’s deer populations.

The insidious pursuit of a salty snack

A new study shows that low levels of sodium in plant tissue can cause cannibalistic behavior in a herbivorous butterfly species.

A nitrogen fixation moonshot

A new NASA-funded project will yield basic insights with implications for growing plants on the Moon, Mars and beyond.

Casting doubt on drought

A new study based on the framework of a long-term experiment at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve reveals that the consequences of global change may be worse than we thought.