Getting to the bottom of spine cancer

Yasuhiko Kawakami and colleagues aim to better understand the disease and open the door to new and more effective treatments.

Formin connections to human health

GCD associate professor Naomi Courtemanche uses her background in biophysics to explore how formins relate to health and disease.

Lining up answers to an age-old mystery

Maureen Cetera aims understand how cells coordinate in developing organisms.

Making cancer treatment more personal

GCD Professor Brian Van Ness has spent his career moving us toward more individualized cancer treatment based on genetics.

From Lab to Life

Novel gene therapy approach restores immunity in severely immune deficient children.

Diverse perspectives on biodiversity

Global survey reveals that more species are threatened with extinction than previously thought.

Layered lakes fuel microbial hotspots

It should come as no surprise that plentiful lakes draw many researchers to the Itasca region. The fact that some are drawn to lakes because they resemble iron-rich oceans of a bygone era might come as a surprise.

Taking the long view

With $7.1 million, the University of Minnesota and partners to launch a long-term program to study urban nature in the Twin Cities

Holey homemakers

Postdoctoral researcher at Cedar Creek organizes a team of contributors to learn more about red-headed woodpeckers, ultimately informing conservation efforts and innovating wildlife research methods.

Research redirected

With the pandemic, some CBS labs shifted course in 2020 to focus on COVID-19 related questions.