CBS Introduces Cellular and Organismal Physiology Major

April 06, 2018

The College will begin offering the new major in fall 2018.

Cellular and Organismal Physiology

College of Biological Sciences students already have many options when it comes to focusing their studies. They delve into the fine points of biochemistry, ecology and almost everything in between. This fall, the majors available to them will grow from seven to eight with the introduction of the new major in Cellular and Organismal Physiology.

“We are excited to offer this major as we continue expanding the realms of biology that our students get to explore,” says CBS Dean Valery Forbes. “Physiology is a foundational discipline in biology. This major will not only help our students better understand how biological systems work from the bottom up, but also sets them up for success for careers ranging from medicine to biotechnology.”

Students in the new major will study the function of cells, tissues, organs and organisms ranging from bacteria, archaea, plants and fungi to large animals. They will gain a strong background in physics to biochemistry and genetics and use those approaches to dig further into how biological systems work. Studying Cellular and Organismal Physiology will prepare students for many graduate programs and for careers as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, biotechnologists.

The University’s Board of Regents approved the new major at their February 2018 meeting. John Ward, associate dean for undergraduate education, will serve as main contact for the new major until a director of undergraduate studies is selected.