College news

Research brief: Minnesota’s invasive tansy spread impacted by land use

Researchers look into reasons behind spread of Tanacetum vulgare

Research brief: Lichen partnerships challenged by changes in the Northwoods

Researchers explore the impact of climate change on lichen.

A legacy of excellence

As David Bernlohr prepares to retire after four decades, his impact as a leader, researcher and educator continue to reverberate.

Testing the waters

College of Biological Science researchers are developing new approaches that promise to reduce industrial pollution and contamination in our water systems.

Following up with Cedar Creek's fishers

Wildlife biologist Michael Joyce investigates the population dynamics and habitat use of a Minnesota predator belonging to the weasel family.

2024 CBS award winners announced

College announces winners of the John S. Anderson Leadership Award and the Stanley Dagley-Samuel Kirkwood Undergraduate Education Award.

A good statistical model

An award-winning instructor guides undergraduates in seeing the world through a biostatistical lens.

Naturally creative

Two new short courses invite participants to explore the intersection of science, nature and art.

An underwater amphitheater

A University of Minnesota Duluth graduate student surveys how fish respond to noise.

To catch a dragonfly

Emily Schilling leads research on the migratory journey of the Canada darner.