CBS People: Alyssa Wildenauer

October 26, 2021

The human resources generalist for the College enjoys tending to plants and the people who call CBS home.


Alyssa Wildenauer returned to the University of Minnesota this fall as the College’s new HR generalist after studying integrative health and wellbeing coaching with the Bakken Center. She previously served in HR positions with companies across the metro, and now helps with hiring and recruitment, employee orientation, talent and performance management and additional HR work for the College. We recently caught up with Alyssa to hear about her new role with CBS and her budding green thumb. 

What's something you enjoy about your role?
I particularly enjoy collaborating with hiring managers in recruitment and hiring, welcoming and providing resources for new hires, and providing training and coaching surrounding engagement and talent and performance management. I have education in coaching from the Bakken Center at UMN, and my role gives me opportunities to strengthen the synergistic interaction of coaching and HR. 

What's something unique about your position?
Something unique about my position, and HR in general, is that being effective requires a consistent pulse on the work and trends within the departments we support, and a strong awareness and alignment with UMN and CBS's strategic goals. Weaving together information from those areas, in both the big picture and the smallest of details, makes my role unique (and is quite a fun challenge!). 

What's something that's unique about working in HR that people don't often know about?
HR ties together business and psychology. Working with strategic goals and compliance, along with engagement and development makes this a dynamic profession. 

What do you like to do with your free time? What are things you like to do around the Twin Cities?
I really enjoy rock climbing, tending to my houseplants, and reading about vegetable gardening. I am working toward getting certified in lead climbing so I can explore the Taylors Falls rock climbing scene, and I'm hoping to have my first fruit and vegetable garden next year! If anyone has favorite gardening books or advice to share (ones about healthy soil, carbon reduction, or produce preservation are a bonus!!), I'd love your recommendations!