CBS People: Chris Lee

January 14, 2019

Chris Lee

This RLT developer was working with CBS long before being hired on full-time in 2018.

Name: Christopher Lee

Where is your hometown?
Born in Danville, Indiana but moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota at the age of two. I consider Maplewood, Minnesota my home town because I spent most of my life there from age 11 until 24. I current now live in East Saint Paul, only a few blocks away from the Maplewood border.

What is your role in CBS?
I am a developer and I work with the Research Learning Technologies Group. 

What does a typical day on the job look like?
I typically get in around 8:00 a.m. and try to get my coffee dosage in as soon as possible. I then begin my work day by reviewing what was done yesterday and making a new to do list and prioritizing the items on the list. After my daily morning routine, I typically launch my local environment of the website and start breaking down code and the database to see what we can trim down and what we can improve.

What did you do before joining CBS? What led you to this position?
Before joining CBS-RLT, I worked with the Office of Information Technology here at the University of Minnesota as an End User Support Tech. I spent 4 years as a zone support technician and I also helped develop the hardware purchasing website the University uses. When I started here at the University, CBS was one of the first colleges to align its IT services with the Office of Information Technology. I got to work with CBS for my first 2 years and I really enjoyed working with the faculty and staff in CBS. I always kept an eye out to see if CBS RLT was hiring and when they put up a posting I applied and hoped for the best for me and CBS.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?
There are a lot of things I like to do outside of work. I tend to like to pick up projects that I can really enjoy. I am in the middle of setting up my home server closet, building furniture for my living room, and I have just picked up another freelance job to design a web site for a small marketing group. I have been wanting to spend more time with my father as of late because he is getting older and so I have been doing a lot of outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing with him. I also like to play basketball, snowboard, golf, camp and hike, travel, watch sports, watch movies, read books, and play competitive video games when I can. 

What are your favorite spots around the Twin Cities?
My favorite spots are not really that unique but hold a high value to me. I like the Stone Arch Bridge because it’s where my wife and I had first started dating. My favorite places to relax outside of the home would have to be the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Lake Calhoun, and Stillwater. I like eating Vietnamese cuisine and so you can find me at Pho 79 on Energy Park Drive or at Quang every now and then. I also enjoy a good Tres Leches cake from Cafe Latte and brunch with my wife at Four Bells or at Tongue in Cheek. I mainly tee off at Goodrich Golf Course in Maplewood because it’s fairly priced and close by my house. I snowboard at Afton Alps and play basketball at a park called Harvest. These aren’t really hidden gems or things that I would recommend to people, but it’s places I enjoy.