CBS People: Forest McMillan

The College’s assistant director for career development helps students find their professional path.
August 31, 2021

As the CBS Assistant Director for Career Development, Forest McMillan wears many hats. Joining the CBS Student Services staff in the summer of 2020, they supervise the career team within the Student Services office, work with students to think through potential career paths and meet with local companies to build relationships with potential employers for CBS graduates. We recently caught up with Forest to learn more about them, their role in CBS and how they help students start their career prep off on the right foot. 

Forest McMillan

What's something you particularly enjoy about your role in CBS Student Services?
I enjoy talking with students about possibilities and pathways, and how we can help them reach their goals. Whether they've had those goals for years, or just discovered their path, I get to help to get them there! 

What's something interesting or unique about your position?
Something unique about my position is that I get to not only work with students, but I also have the opportunity to meet with employers interested in hiring our students for jobs and internships.  I love being able to hear directly from employers what they are looking for, and help our students demonstrate those qualities.  

You are a transplant to the Twin Cities. What are some of your favorite things to do here?
Two things that I have enjoyed greatly since moving to the Twin Cities are all of the places to eat and to hike. I live very near Theodore Wirth Park, which is one of many options of places to hike in, or close to, the cities. After a nice hike, I always love a good meal. One of my favorite places is Chimborazo. Check it out!

What do you like to do with your free time?
Aside from the aforementioned hiking and eating, you will often find me reading, playing a video game, or watching a great (or terrible) movie!