An engaged advocate

Bill Keute builds connections and works on behalf of his CBS peers.
December 10, 2021

In a world facing global-scale challenges, Bill Keute sees opportunity. The CBS senior sees a chance to engage and lead using his science training as a platform for addressing big problems.

“I think science and scientists are not always seen as leaders in society,” says Keute. “But I remember my freshman year coming in and (Professor) Brian Gibbens saying, ‘The 21st century is the age of biology’ and now, as we see with COVID, that’s even more true.”

Keute has taken that mindset of engaged leadership to heart throughout his time as a CBS student. He currently serves as the president of the CBS Student Board after serving as treasurer last year, is co-president of the University’s Pre-Dental Club, was a peer mentor for the CBS Dean’s Scholars program and was a guild leader for the Nature of Life program. In addition to appreciating the relationships and knowledge he’s gained from others serving in these positions, he also sees the direct impact he can make on those around him.

“I decided to run for (CBS Student Board) President after seeing that with the pandemic, there’s maybe some places that we can refocus our efforts,” he says. “I want to be able to support people. … One of the things that motivates me is to represent my peers and bring their opinions to the table that I may or may not share. But to bring that to the table with faculty and leadership and see what can be changed is important to me.”

–Lance Janssen

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2021 edition of BIO, a magazine for College of Biological Sciences alumni, donors and friends.