CBS people: Keara Carpenter

The administrative assistant for the St. Paul Administrative Support Cluster thrives in exploring new things and the outdoors.
November 30, 2022

What drew you to this position in CBS?
I have always been drawn to higher education. This has been my career goal for many years, so when I saw this opening, I jumped at the chance to apply.

What's something unique about your role that you enjoy?
There are two very unique things about this role that I enjoy. First and foremost, I am constantly learning and encountering new things. Every day brings a new experience, and I find that to be so exciting. The other aspect of this role that I enjoy isn't necessarily unique to CBS, but rather in general is learning of all of the incredible research that goes on here at CBS. There is so much that I would never have considered if I had not had the opportunity to work here. It is all so astounding.

What's been your biggest adjustment in your new role?
Honestly, the rest of the cluster is so wonderful; they have made any and all adjustments so easy. I think the only real adjustment that has felt like an adjustment has been transitioning from remote to fully in-person work. Although, it is mainly missing out on seeing my puppers, Ruby, that has made it tricky. She and I both loved the quality time we had during my remote work, but we still really enjoy our evenings and weekends together.

What things do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love all things outdoors, so what I enjoy doing outside of work really depends on the season. During the non-snowy season, I love to hike and bike. During the snowy season, I love cross-country skiing and ice skating. Although, admittedly, my skating skill level leaves much to be desired.