Kennedy receives major mycology award

August 15, 2014
International Mycological Association selects Peter Kennedy for its young investigator award.

Peter Kennedy, an associate professor in the Department of Plant Biology, received the 2014 International Mycological Association Arthur Henry Reginald Buller Medal. The award is given only once every four years to outstanding mycologists early in their career. 

“I think it is the global scope of the International Mycological Association that makes this award so special for me,” says Kennedy. “To be chosen as the North American representative of a cohort of young mycologists helping to propel fungal biology into the 21st century is very humbling. The namesake of the award, Reginald Buller, was a giant in our field and the depth of his knowledge about fungi is something I will always strive to emulate.”

Kennedy studies the diversity and function of fungal and bacterial symbioses of plants. He uses field- and lab-based experimental methods to investigate how symbiont communities are structured and their ecological roles in forest ecosystems worldwide.

"This award demonstrates the high value that the mycology community places on Peter's work," says department head Gary Muehlbauer. "As a recent hire in Fungal Evolution cluster search in the Department of Plant Biology, we are excited to have him in the department and we look forward to his future achievements."