The Power(s) of place

Professor Jennifer Powers reflects on her decades-long connection to Costa Rica.

U maintains distinction for ecology

The University of Minnesota earned high marks for ecology in the Shanghai Ranking for the third consecutive year.

Research brief: PS gene-editing shown to restore neural connections lost in brain disorder

A new study demonstrates ability for gene therapy to repair neural connections for those with a rare genetic brain disorder.

Research brief: Mapping deadly oak wilt disease from space to protect our forests

New research looks at satellite imagery data to protect our forests from oak wilt.

Increasing classroom inclusivity

CBS faculty look to grow expertise in inclusive teaching practices through Inclusive Excellence Fellows Program.

Around the world in 90(ish) days opening

View creative renderings from Jennifer Powers' three-continent Fulbright foray.

Making connections

Jannell Bazurto employed a cohort model to build community among students from underrepresented backgrounds hired for a summer internship program in her lab.

Modeling microbial complexity

Will Harcombe combines experimental and computational models to decode complex microbial interactions.

Clever fly offers lessons on advanced predator adaptations

Researchers find why the saffron robber fly doesn't often make hunting mistakes.

Going above and beyond

LeeAnn Higgins receives President’s Award for Outstanding Service for her contributions to the U of M.