Dean's note - May 2023

A monthly message from the dean

The Trumpet biocomputing platform heralds a new path for medicine

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota has developed a platform for a third method of biocomputing: Trumpet, or Transcriptional RNA Universal Multi-Purpose GatE PlaTform.

A natural observer

Jennifer Powers uses art as an avenue to observe nature closely and capture details about the plants and animals she encounters in the field.

Inclusive authorship reduces barriers to participation

Experience running a global-scale ecological research network informs an innovative authorship framework.

Research brief: Protein engineers navigate toward more targeted therapeutics

Sivaraj Sivaramakrishnan, Fred Sadler and colleagues uncovered a point to a more targeted approach to drug discovery.

Dean's note - March 2023

A monthly message from the dean.

A path to professorship

After a stint in the President’s Postdoctoral Fellows Program, A. Kelly Lane joins CBS faculty ranks with inclusion in mind.

Getting to the bottom of spine cancer

Yasuhiko Kawakami and colleagues aim to better understand the disease and open the door to new and more effective treatments.

On a personal note

Heewon Lee finds a new career and personal connections through genetic counseling.

An educational advocate

David Matthes steps in as director of undergraduate studies for the genetics, cell biology and development major.