A legacy of excellence

As David Bernlohr prepares to retire after four decades, his impact as a leader, researcher and educator continue to reverberate.

Testing the waters

College of Biological Science researchers are developing new approaches that promise to reduce industrial pollution and contamination in our water systems.

2024 CBS award winners announced

College announces winners of the John S. Anderson Leadership Award and the Stanley Dagley-Samuel Kirkwood Undergraduate Education Award.

Research brief: Exploring extremes in the search for life on Mars

CBS researchers study how the unique geochemical environment on Mars could shape life in the past or present.

A tipping point

The future of above-ground carbon hangs in the balance between two types of wood-rotting fungi.

The not-so-gentle bonobos

New research reveals the surprising role of aggression among a close human relative.

Rx for Earth’s Lakes

New study looks at freshwater threats through a human health lens.

All in good cheer

The annual Golden Pipettes ceremony recognized 10 CBS faculty and staff members for their contributions to student life.

Making the case for inclusion

A recent commentary charts a course for acknowledging past wrongs and addressing present obstacles for transgender scientists.

All together now

For Eric Seabloom, science is a team activity with players hailing from around the world.