What stem cells could teach us about schizophrenia

Stephanie Santarriaga utilizes emerging technologies to examine the cellular biology of mental illness.

A science-centered getaway

Qianna Xu walks away from a week-long ecology workshop in Japan with a new network and a fresh perspective.

The insidious pursuit of a salty snack

A new study shows that low levels of sodium in plant tissue can cause cannibalistic behavior in a herbivorous butterfly species.

Five seedlings to rule them all

Research scientist Karen Castillioni investigates biodiversity at a large scale.

A preeminent postdoc

Joel Schneider receives University Postdoc Association award for DEI work on campus.

Caught adrift in a changing climate

Neha Mohanbabu investigates the effects of global stressors on prairie seed dispersal.

On a fast track to faculty

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows bring diverse perspectives and experiences to campus with the potential to advance their careers.

Research brief: Jewel beetles evolve to see new colors by duplicating their genes

Camilla Sharkey, a postdoc in Trevor Wardill's lab, investigated the complex evolutionary history of jewel beetles’ vision.

Pushing new boundaries

MCDB&G postdoctoral associate Miles Smith looks toward a future in the growing field of gene therapy.

Finding his beat

Postdoctoral researcher Jay Bundy combines his interests and hobbies in his research pursuits and beyond.