The insidious pursuit of a salty snack

A new study shows that low levels of sodium in plant tissue can cause cannibalistic behavior in a herbivorous butterfly species.

Five seedlings to rule them all

Research scientist Karen Castillioni investigates biodiversity at a large scale.

A preeminent postdoc

Joel Schneider receives University Postdoc Association award for DEI work on campus.

Caught adrift in a changing climate

Neha Mohanbabu investigates the effects of global stressors on prairie seed dispersal.

On a fast track to faculty

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellows bring diverse perspectives and experiences to campus with the potential to advance their careers.

Research brief: Jewel beetles evolve to see new colors by duplicating their genes

Camilla Sharkey, a postdoc in Trevor Wardill's lab, investigated the complex evolutionary history of jewel beetles’ vision.

Pushing new boundaries

MCDB&G postdoctoral associate Miles Smith looks toward a future in the growing field of gene therapy.

Finding his beat

Postdoctoral researcher Jay Bundy combines his interests and hobbies in his research pursuits and beyond.

First Cohort Selected for New Postdoctoral Program