Meet Itasca's new station biologist

Dan Brumm joined the staff this winter. Living at the station full-time, he supports research and leads a handful of projects.
April 06, 2023

Why did you join the team?
I needed a job! But jokes aside, I completed my master’s degree in June of 2022 and was interested in finding a position that stimulated my passions and interests. I joined the team because it gives me opportunities to both learn new things and share my own knowledge with others.

What’s your history with Itasca?
My history with Itasca began in mid-April of 2016. I was competing in my first collegiate soil judging contest hosted by the University of Minnesota Crookston, and during a free day we made the trek to Itasca for a relatively brief visit. I returned many times in 2019 - 2022 both for personal interest and to complete fieldwork for my thesis research, which was to expand the tree ring-based fire history reconstruction of the state park.

Is there a project you’re excited about?
I’m excited for our lake ice monitoring endeavors (date of ice-in and ice-out). It’s interesting how long lake ice can be present from year-to-year, so I’m excited to record information that’s helpful to assess how our winters are changing over time. I’m also excited for ice fishing season and will be simultaneously monitoring for when the ice is safe for fishing.

What’s the best thing about living at the station?
Simply being here is the best part. I get a lot of opportunities to meet and learn from interesting people during the “busy season,” and I have the opportunity to explore a landscape that I find fascinating (I’m a sucker for glacially constructed landscapes). I really appreciate no longer living in an imposing urban environment.