A purposeful photographer

Hossam Halaweish pursues soccer and photography to give back while he pursues a future in medicine.
December 10, 2021

Hossam Halaweish’s daily schedule may look a bit overwhelming between classes and studying, researching in a surgery lab on campus and volunteering. But he also squeezes in time to pursue another passion: soccer. The senior, who is majoring in biology, plays on the University’s club team and has served as captain for three years.

“I love playing soccer,” he says. “It just gives me a chance to escape some of the tension and release some of that pent up energy of my day. I really enjoy getting out there and the guys I’ve built relationships with have been awesome.”

As he juggles his coursework and studies, he also recently started a nonprofit. During the pandemic, Halaweish decided he wanted to do something to help children in need so he started an organization called Portraits for a Purpose. He takes people’s photographs and uses the proceeds to contribute toward feeding hungry children. The University recently recognized him with the Donald R. Zander Alumni Award for Outstanding Student Leadership award for his work raising more than $7,500 for the cause during the pandemic. For Halaweish, it’s personal.

“I remember visiting family in Egypt and seeing kids my own age trying to find food out in the street,” he says. “I really want to be able to give back to those around me who need help and provide some help for them when they need it most.”

-Lance Janssen

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2021 edition of BIO, a magazine for College of Biological Sciences alumni, donors and friends.