Using technology to improve biology teaching

Progress, approaches, and highlights of the “digital biology initiative”

January 14, 2015 | 10 a.m.–noon | STSS 131A

Would you like to use technology even more effectively to enhance student learning and engagement? Over the past ~18 months, teams of faculty, staff, and students have been exploring how technology can solve specific teaching challenges in their courses. Come be inspired by the interesting approaches they have taken and “kick the tires” of the on-line resources they have developed to enhance student learning! (Technical assistance on projects provided by Rogene Schnell, Annette McNamara, and CBS Research and Learning Technology.)


10–11 a.m. | Overview of Projects

All authors/designers will briefly describe the goals, approaches, progress, and highlights of their project.

11 a.m.–noon | Open House

Visit with the authors/designers to discuss their project in detail and offer suggestions.

Featured Projects

Selecting Existing Digital Content to Improve Student Learning in Introductory Neuroscience (NSci 1100)

Steven McLoon | Designers: Nicole Shirkey-Son and Tess Kornfield

Identifying on-line resources to supplement (or replace!) the textbook so that students come to class prepared.

Don’t cheat! An on-line tutorial for first year biological sciences majors (Biol 1805-1808)

Abby Conover and Jean Underwood

Interactive on-line module to explore academic integrity from plagiarism to citing references.

Don’t flip your lid when you flip your course! (Biol 1001)

Craig Packer | Designers: Annika Moe and Mandy Waters

Developing an interactive course map and interspersing video lectures with on-line activities to support independent student learning prior to lecture and lab.

Building Interactive Videos to Teach Mathematical Thinking (Biol 3407, 3409, 3411)

Clarence Lehman, Scott Lanyon, and Mark Bee | Designers: Colleen Satyshur

IMPACT Biology Interactive Videos and Tutorials: Information Management, Presentation and Critical Thinking

Brian Gibbens, Mark Decker, David Matthes, Anna Mosser, and Sue Wick | Designers: Seth Thompson, Noah Gettle, Libby Swanger, and Katherine Muller

Videos and activities about teamwork, brainstorming, and how to give a good presentation. Development and use of “Playon Words”, the Biology Writing Game.

Diverse Approaches to Promoting Critical Thinking and Diversity in the Exploration of Social & Ethical Issues in Genetics (GCD2002)

David Greenstein, Perry Hackett, and Bonnie LeRoy | Designers: Anthony Chen and Michelle Takemoto

We summarize our recent experience in interdigitating multiple modes of instruction to engage a diverse class, promote critical thinking, and enhance learning outcomes.