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Claudia Schmidt-Dannert

Distinguished McKnight University Professor, Associate Head of Research, Director Post Doctoral Studies


Schmidt-Dannert Lab

Research Description

We are interested in exploring and utilizing these biosynthetic machineries of microbes and plants to enable the discovery sustainable synthesis of valuable compounds for use as fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and chemical building blocks. We are developing and studying systems to carry out multi-enzyme biocatalysis in vitro and in engineered microbial systems for the synthesis of chemicals. By mixing and matching enzyme with desired catalytic activities identified from different sources, we are designing cascades of enzymatic reactions for the synthesis of compounds of interest. Intrigued by the spatial organization of biological systems at the subcellular and molecular level, we are investigating and repurposing self-organizing protein structures for applications in biocatalysis and for the fabrication of functional biomaterials.


274 Gortner
1479 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108