Melissa Drown headshot
Office Address

205 Cargill Building
1500 Gortner Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States

Lab Address

United States



Postdoctoral Associate
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

Mel's research focuses on the role of complex trait evolution in organismal response to extreme environments. Her current work is funded by a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and will focus on developing a genotype to phenotype to fitness map, which will be used to understand the role of pleiotropy in cavefish evolution.

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Selected publications

   Drown M.K.*, DeLiberto A.N*., Flack N, Proefroeck J.+, Westover A.+, Doyle M.+, Heilshorn S.+, D’Alessandro E., Crawford D.L., Faulk C., and Oleksiak M.F. Sequencing bait: Nuclear and mitogenome assembly of an abundant coastal subtropical fish, Atherinomorus stipes
   Drown M.K., Crawford D.L., and Oleksiak M.F. Transcriptomic analysis provides insights into molecular mechanisms of thermal physiology
   Drown M.K., DeLiberto A.N., Ehrlich M.A., Crawford D.L., and Oleksiak M.F. (2021). Interindividual variation in metabolic and thermal tolerance traits from populations subjected to recent anthropogenic heating.

Education and background

  • National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology 2023-2025
  • PhD, Evolutionary Genetics, University of Miami, January 2023
  • Bachelor of Science, Ecology Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota, May 2018