How to propose a new course in CBS

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Course proposal instructions

Course proposal form

  1. Complete the CBS Course Proposal form. Prepare a course syllabus.
  2. Obtain approval from your Departmental Curriculum or Undergraduate Committee and Department Head. Work with your departmental DUGS throughout the process.
  3. New courses will be submitted to the Campus Curriculum Committee (CCC). This committee is charged with ensuring that new courses do not unduely overlap with existing courses. You are required to consult with departments offering courses similar to the one you propose. Evidence of consultation includes both email exhcanges and hard-copy letters.
  4. Once approved, your departmental DUGS emails the new course proposal form, course syllabus, and evidence of consultation to the EPC Chair who is currently David Kirkpatrick. EPC meets once per month and it’s usually on the third Friday of the month. Prior to EPC meetings, the agenda is sent to members along with any documents to be discussed at the meeting including course proposals and syllabi.
  5. The DUGS presents any new courses from his/her department at the EPC meeting and responds to questions. In some cases, the course author accompanies the DUGS to the meeting to present the course. No vote is taken at this time unless there are no questions. At the following EPC meeting, the new course proposal is reintroduced, concerns are addressed, and a vote is taken.
  6. After the course is approved, your departmental scheduler enters course information into ECAS (Electronic Course Approval System). Once entered, the scheduler sends Jean Underwood an email indicating that there is a course ready for approval. Following approval at the college level, the course is sent electronically for LE or WI approval (if appropriate), catalog edit and Peoplesoft entry. This process is quick, usually a matter of days except if it is being considered for LE certification or WI designation.
  7. If a course is to be considered for LE or WI approval, you need to plan and start the process much earlier. Extend the timeline by at least 3-4 months. Please contact Leslie Schiff who is the CBS Senior Adviser for Undergraduate Initiatives. Leslie will help you develop and submit your course proposal for WI or LE certification.
  8. Once the course has moved through all the approval steps, the departmental scheduler enters the ECS (Electronic Course Scheduling) system to set up the course. In addition, either the course scheduler or professor enters a course description in the Course Guide.
  9. Courses must be entered during the ECS Period 1 to receive room-scheduling priority.
When you complete the course proposal form, you will be asked about Student Learning Objectives for the course. Please provide a thorough description of how the outcome will be achieved in the course as well as how student learning will be assessed. For examples of well-written SLOs, CLICK HERE.