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Undergraduate Research

Research is an integral part of the student experience at the College of Biological Sciences. Here are a few ways to get involved.

Snell-Rood butterfly research

We know one of the most valuable ways to learn biology is by actually doing it. Research is one great way to do that. As an undergraduate, getting involved in research can help you hone your hands-on skills, build your communication and collaboration capabilities with peers and faculty, learn how to ask and answer new questions, explore areas of interest, gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world around us and potentially earn academic credit. These experiences can be incredibly beneficial to your future career, regardless of your aspirations, as you learn from these opportunities and gain new knowledge and skills.

Learn more about how to get involved in undergraduate research:

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For further information on undergraduate research, contact Dr. Dana Davis, Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and CBS Undergraduate Research Coordinator, at