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Career Courses

BIOL 2001: Career Planning for Biologists

Offered Fall 2022 | Check with your advisor to enroll.

Want to make progress on your career planning but are overwhelmed with where to start? Consider registering for Biology 2001!  This one-credit pass/fail course provides students structure to engage in career decision-making and planning while breaking down the process into manageable steps.

Consider this course if you want to explore career options in the biological sciences, prepare for job or internship applications or want to organize your graduate school or job application process.

In addition to in-class discussions, students can select one of three tracks to complete while in BIOL 2001:

  • Self-Exploration Track: Learn more about your skills, interests and decision-making style while learning about careers in the biological sciences.
  • The Career Basics Track: Learn how to find opportunities and prepare application materials for jobs or internships.
  • Organizing the Process Track: Get organized and prepare application materials for graduate school, internships or entry-level positions.

Here’s what CBS students have to say about BIOL 2001:
"I don’t think I would have had any idea what I was doing if I had not taken this class. I now know where to look for volunteer research, internships, what to expect in interviews and which items I should be sending in for a number of different situations." 

“I feel like this class definitely gave me knowledge in areas I didn't even know I needed help with and I know how to better articulate my experiences and skills now. I know what I want to study and it was still very helpful because I'm more aware of the options I have within that field.”

BIOL 3610: Professional Experience in the Biological Sciences

Interested in earning credit for your biology related internship this semester? Consider registering for BIOL 3610 Internship: Professional Experience in Biological Sciences! This S/N course allows students to engage in structured reflection and career development throughout the internship experience while earning credit. A student must secure their own internship which can be paid, unpaid or stipend and intern a minimum of 150 hours over at least 10 weeks.

  • Schedule an appointment with BIOL 3610 instructor, Kirsten Petersen, here
  • Gain approval of internship experience through Handshake Experience “BIOL 3610 Internship-Professional Experience in Biological Sciences”. Refer to course instructions
  • Once your experience has been approved, you will receive a permission number to register for the course. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with the instructor, Kirsten Petersen ( call the CBS Student Services Front Desk at 612-624-9717 or schedule online.