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Nature and Nurture

Marlene Zuk’s newest book dives in to the debate about the origins of behavior.

Marlene Zuk

In her latest book, evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist Marlene Zuk, illuminates how all of our attributes, behavior or not, are shaped by both genes and the environment, in a complex way that defies a simple binary. She shared her thoughts on the topic as well as writing about science. 

Meet Mindi DePaola | CBS Class of 2015

Mindi DePaola entered CBS like many other students – with a love for science, a curiosity about the world around her, and a motivation to leave an impact. Now she is working for an organization with a mission she is passionate about, in a job that gives her flexibility outside of work to pursue her personal interests! We recently caught up with Mindi to see where her CBS degree has led her.

What is she up to now?