Undergraduate Teaching Newsletter
Fall enrollment – U Wide
  • Freshman enrollment: 5514, up from 5368 last year
  • Mean ACT: 27.7, up from 27.5. Highest in school history
  • Mean high school rank: 84.8, down from 85.5 last year
  • % Students of Color: 19.5% up from 18.5
  • % Students from MN: 62.9, down from 63.5 last year
  • First year retention: 91%
  • CBS total enrollment: 1831

Financial information
  • 2012-13 Cost of Attendance: $24,718 (includes tuition and fees)
  • 76% of all enrolled student receive aid. 80% of MN students receive aid.

The goal is to be able to fund 1000 UROPs per year (system-wide)

Online learning in U of M system in 2011-12
  • Online sections: 1,439
  • Unique enrollments: 18,719 (up 5%)
  • Duplicate enrollments: 31,175 (up 9%)
Student Conduct Code

The Conduct Code, has changed, and is now in effect as of January 1, 2013.

  • Most changes reflect current practice, but just weren't previously listed in the Conduct Code
  • Important terms are defined, including plagiarism
  • Disruptive Classroom Conduct was changed to "Disruption of Academic Environment"
  • Added section on bullying
  • Added section on providing alcohol to minors
  • Added section on how sanctions are handed out
  • Added section on Academic Sanction (subdivision of Sanctions)
International Students
  • For the first time ever, the U has more undergraduate than graduate international students. There were 851 in 2008; now there are nearly 2,500 undergraduate international students
  • Top 10 locations for international student origins: China, Korea, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Canada
  • First year retention rate for international undergraduate students is 94.2%