Jane Phillips

As the co-director of the biology program, Jane teaches undergraduate classes in the College of Biological Sciences. She also oversees all class laboratories, working to improve them with the introduction of new innovative activities. Recently, she has been working with HHMI postdocs Anna Strain and Mary Williams to introduce a human physiology authentic research experience to her BIOL 1010 Human Biology class, which will give students a taste of authentic research as they devise their own research question and experiments.

Jane is dedicated to helping all students succeed. She has been gathering data to track and evaluate the experience of transfers students in order to help develop strategies to help them succeed. In her class, BIOL 3001 Nature of Science and Research, she helps familiarize transfers students with the University's research facilities, while equipping them with essential tools for future research endeavors. In this class, students learn about the research opportunities available to them through the HHMI research mentor program.

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