Pure Java Instructions

Save and run the version for your language from GitHub.



  1. To download, right-click and select Save from the popup menu.
  2. Rename the downloaded fileto PopInstall.5.4.jar.


Move to the directory where you stored PopInstall.5.4.jar and issue the appropriate command for your operating system.

Windows with JRE 1.1.x

jre -cp .:PopInstall.5.4.jar;[path to swingall.jar]\swingall.jar load

Windows with JRE 1.2 or later

java -jar PopInstall.5.4.jar

Unix with JRE 1.1.x:

jre -cp .:PopInstall.5.4.jar:[path to swingall.jar]/swingall.jar load

Unix with JRE 1.2 or later

java -jar PopInstall.5.4.jar

Mac with JRE 1.3 or later

  1. Make sure Apple's MRJ SDK is installed which includes the JBindery and other tools
  2. Launch the JBindery and add then enter load manually in the Command panel.
  3. In the Command panel, choose paths for console output and input.
  4. In the Classpath panel, enter PopInstall.5.4.jar in the search paths. If you're using JRE 1.1.x, then also include swingall.jar.
  5. In the Appearance panel, select any desired appearance features.
  6. In the Security panel, choose whether you want to use the code verifier.
  7. In any of the panels, select the Run button (or press the Return key) to execute the Java application.

Other OS with JRE 1.1.x

jre -cp .:PopInstall.5.4.jar:[path to swingall.jar]/swingall.jar load

Other OS with JRE 1.2 or later

If your system has been configured to automatically launch .jar files with Java, then you can simply double click on PopInstall.5.4.jar.

Otherwise, issue the command: java -java PopInstall.5.4.jar

After you complete the installation, you'll be ready to start Populus.